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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MCA yacht qualifications structure?

We have tried to simplify the MCA yacht qualifications structure for you. The IYT Master of Yachts certificates (MOY) are MCA compliant and allow the holder to legally stand a watch on a yacht commercially and privately operated yachts over 24 meters and up to 200T. We set the path straight so you can move ahead in your yachting career.

How long do I have to renew my MCA certificate?

If your certificate is limited (at time of issue) due to medical reasons, you will have 3 months, after which time if you’re still onboard you will need to have a Telephone Review with an MCA Approved Doctor.

How long is an MCA Master (yachts) pass certificate valid for?

Note: As training module pass certificates are valid for three years, candidates are advised to obtain the MCA Master (Yachts <500gt) CoC where circumstances may preclude them from attempting the Master (Yachts <3000gt) oral examination before the modules expire.

What are the requirements for USMCA preference?

*All USMCA Certificates require a statement of the Certifier’s status as either Importer, Exporter, or Producer. A good listed with an Indicator A should/will only ever be used as a supporting statement of USMCA eligibility and cannot be used as a basis to claim USMCA preference on that good at time of entry.

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