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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Matchbox cars worth anything?

Matchbox cars in their original boxes are always more valuable to every collector than those that do not have boxes. In some cases, a mint-in-box model can be worth up to 100% more than a mint model without a box, assuming all other factors remain constant. Again some of the boxes that were produced in smaller quantities were even more valuable.

Where to buy Matchbox cars?

Buy Matchbox Cars at Mr Toys. Almost all people can claim that they owned or at least played with Matchbox toys during their childhood. It is one of the most popular toys among many generations. The Matchbox line of toys was introduced to the world in 1953 by Lesney Products. It was sold to Tyco Toys in 1993, which was eventually bought by ...

Where are Matchbox cars manufactured?

Matchbox Cars were first made in England by Lesney Products & Co.. The company was founded by Rodney and Leslie Smith in England where they produced die-cast toys. They were called Matchbox cars because they were small enough to be carried around in a match box. The cars were known for their quality of detail and craftsmanship.

When did Mattel buy Matchbox?

Mattel purchased Fisher-Price, Inc. in 1993, Tyco Toys, Inc. (owners of the Matchbox and Dinky Toys brands) in 1997, and Pleasant Company (maker of the American Girl brand) in 1998. Mattel purchased The Learning Company in 1999 for $3.5 billion, but sold it in 2000 at a loss.

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