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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is match pewter made?

Match Pewter. MATCH pewter is handmade in northern Italy, in family-owned workshops, by artisans who have honed their craft using methods gleaned over many generations. In their skilled hands, this understated yet luxurious material is fashioned into modern heirlooms that are both functional and decorative.

What is pewter?

What is Pewter? Pewter is a soft metal alloy, normally made up of 86-99% tin, with the rest being made up of antimony, bismuth, copper and on occasion, but less likely today, lead. Silver in rare occasions may be used.

What does Convivio mean pewter?

Convivio: the name of match Pewter’s signature collection was inspired by the word “convivial”, meaning good humored, festive, or fond of feasting. While we chose the name for our first (and still best selling) pattern, we believe that same spirit of conviviality lives in all three match dinnerware collections: Convivio, Viviana and Luisa.

How can you tell if Italian pewter is real?

An original piece of MATCH Italian pewter can easily be identified by the presence of at least two hallmarks, or stamps, in the metal. The MATCH hallmark (the letter “M”) can be found on many pieces, as well as the number “95”, indicating the tin content.

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