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Frequently Asked Questions

What is duration matching strategy?

Duration Matching Strategy. An immunization strategy in which one matches the duration of assets in a portfolio to the duration of the liabilities. Duration is the number of years until the investor receive the present value of all income from a bond (including interest and principal ), and is used to gauge a bond's sensitivity to interest rate...

What is duration matching?

Since duration is a measure in determining a bond's sensitivity to interest rates, duration matching is used to manage a portfolio so that changes in interest rates will influence price and reinvestment risk at the same rate, hence, keeping the portfolio's rate of return constant.

How long is a cricket Test match?

Test match cricket is international cricket played over three or more days. Nowadays all men's Test matches are scheduled over five days. In the past some Tests were 'timeless', that is, they were scheduled to be played to their conclusion regardless of how long that took.

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