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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best match 3 RPG?

8 Best Match-3 Puzzle RPGs For Android 2018 Match Land - Match-3 Puzzle RPG. Match Land is great match-3 puzzle RPG for Android by Race Cat, featuring cute characters, awesome graphics, and addictive gameplay. Good Knight Story - Match-3 Battle RPG. Good Knight Story is a popular match-3 battle RPG for Android by Turbo Chilli. ... Marvel Puzzle Quest - Best Match-3 RPG For Android. ... More items...

What are match 3 games?

Match 3 or three-in-a-row games are a type of casual puzzle games. The major task consists in forming lines/chains/groups of 3 or more identical elements. Traditionally, the board is square-patterned and filled with various tiles that one must shift, select or rotate.

What is match three game?

Match 3 Games are puzzle matching games where the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion. There are many possibilities and conditions according to which these matching are to be done.

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