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Frequently Asked Questions

How to see the Catholic Holy Mass live online?

When you enter the chosen page you will see the calendar with the Catholic Holy Masses live online. Click in the chosen hour when you want to see the Holy Mass online. If you use Google calendar you may add the Holy Mass stream to your own calendar.

How do I search for a mass?

Mass Times makes it much easier to search for a Mass by presenting all the possibilities in a geographical area on one page. Masstimes relies on modern web browser technology. You may get better results in a different web browser (such as Chrome) or by a force-refresh (Ctrl-F5).

What is the mass times Ministry?

The purpose of the Mass Times ministry is to help Catholics get to Mass by helping them find churches and worship times worldwide. We do this by hosting and sharing the most comprehensive database of Catholic churches and worship times in existence.

Is your parish offering a livestream mass?

We encourage each of you to reach out to your individual parishes to see if your parish is offering a Livestream mass, as to celebrate Mass with your parish community. However, if your parish is not live streaming Masses, all are welcome to join Bishop’s live-streamed Mass, check below for the schedule

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