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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate mass of ice?

Determine the mass of the ice cubes by subtracting the mass of the cup and water from the mass of the cup, water and ice cubes together. If the cup, water and ice together weighed 110.4 g, then the mass of the ice cubes was 110.4 g - 103.4 g = 7.0 g.

What is a large mass of ice that moves over land?

A glacier is a large, long-lasting mass of ice and snow that moves very slowly over the land like a slow-moving frozen river. A glacier is formed as layers upon layers of snow are compacted.

Is the mass of ice greater than water?

If a person compares the same amount of ice and water, ice does not have more mass than liquid water. However, the volume of the ice is greater than that of liquid water. A reason for this occurring involves the molecular structure of these two different states of water.

What is a large piece of floating ice?

A large piece of floating glacier ice, generally showing less than 5 meters above sea level but more than 1 meter and normally about 100 to 300 square meters in area. It is smaller than an ICEBERG but larger than a GROWLER.

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