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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the masses mean?

the masses. plural noun. : the ordinary or common people His films are not intended to appeal to the masses. the needs of the masses.

What does mass mean in chemistry?

Mass is the property which reflects the quantity of matter within a sample. Mass usually is reported in grams (g) and kilograms (kg). Mass may also be considered to be the property of matter that gives it a tendency to resist acceleration. The more mass an object has, the harder it is to accelerate it.

What is the another meaning of mass?

The words bulk and volume are common synonyms of mass. While all three words mean "the aggregate that forms a body or unit," mass suggests an aggregate made by piling together things of the same kind. Where would bulk be a reasonable alternative to mass?

What is the definition of mass in science?

In physical science, mass is a measure of the number of atoms in an object combined with the density of those atoms. The mass of an object determines how that object responds to forces such as gravity and friction.

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