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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is massacre rim?

Located in far northern Washoe County near the borders with California and Oregon, Massacre Rim is so remote that it has “exceptional quality of starry nights” and a nocturnal environment that is protected for its natural values, criteria necessary to meet the International Dark-Sky Association ’s strict standards for a Dark Sky Sanctuary.

Is there a dark sky sanctuary in massacre rim?

Dark Sky Sanctuary On March 18, 2019, Massacre Rim WSA became just the 7th certified Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world! This Wilderness Study Area is publicly-owned land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to maintain its wilderness qualities.

When did Massacre Rocks become a state park?

Massacre Rocks became a state park in 1967, following earlier status as a roadside park managed by the Idaho Department of Transportation. This state park is home to various birds which are Canada goose, great blue heron, grebe, pelican, bald eagle.

What are the Massacre Rocks in Grand Teton?

Massacre Rocks, viewed from the Visitor Center. The park features a configuration of boulders along the south bank of the Snake River, known alternatively as Massacre Rocks, "Gate of Death", or "Devil's Gate". Emigrants gave this name to the narrow passage of the trail through the rocks, from the fear of possible ambush by Native Americans.

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