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Frequently Asked Questions

Is masonry and concrete the same?

Masonry and concrete are not the same thing; as a general rule masonry is referring to the bricks, stones, and blocks used while concrete refers to a type of cement, other materials, and water that can be set into large forms to make a building without the smaller units of stones or bricks stacked upon each other.

What is a stone contractor?

Stone contractors work with stone or brick installing walls, decorative trim, fountains and fireplaces. They can work for private homeowners, rental properties or professional businesses/agencies. Often times, stone contractors are also trained as tile contractors, brick contractors or masons and vice versa.

What is commercial masonry?

Masonry Construction. A top Boston area masonry commercial contractor, Commercial Masonry is located just south of Boston and performs commercial construction work and building project management for companies and businesses from Boston to Worcester to Cape Cod and the Islands as well as throughout New England.

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