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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the MAPS 3 Senior Health and wellness centers?

The MAPS 3 Senior Health and Wellness Centers will connect Oklahoma City's seniors with important services, and also with each other.

How do I find a health and Wellness Center in Oklahoma City?

Visit or call (405) 246-3950 for more information. The third center will be at NE 36th Street and Lincoln Boulevard, operated by Langston University.

Where are the MAPS 3 senior centers in Oklahoma City?

Access to exercise equipment and programs is also an important part of the MAPS 3 senior centers. The first center, 11501 N Rockwell Ave., is open to members and is operated by Healthy Living and Fitness. Visit or call (405) 773-6910 for more information.

Is the MAPS 3 Oklahoma City convention center open?

The MAPS 3 Oklahoma City Convention Center is officially open. Read more about the convention center here. The MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board meets tomorrow. See agenda here:

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