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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there cargo ships waiting to unload in Los Angeles?

Here is the same area of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean on MarineTraffic early on the morning of the 16th October (1.20am). This map shows that most of the same container ships are still waiting to unload. Cargo vessels on this map are shown in green. The green circles are cargo ships which aren't moving.

How many container ships are waiting outside ports around the world?

This only compounded the delays already being caused by Covid outbreaks. According to the Financial Times there are currently (as of yesterday) 584 container ships waiting to offload outside ports around the world.

How many container ships are waiting for loading at Ningbo Port?

According to data from VesselsValue, as of August 18, a total of 80 container ships, totaling 393,650 teu, were waiting for loading and unloading at other terminals in Ningbo Port. One of the container ships has been in line for more than 9 days and is the container ship with the longest waiting time.

Are there really ships at anchor waiting to unload cargo?

While there has been a record-breaking number of ships at anchor in California waiting to unload their cargo, most of the vessels in this Facebook image are actually moving. The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

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