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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ships are waiting to unload?

A record 100 ships are now waiting to unload desperately needed supplies. But do you know what happens after the containers are unloaded? Inside Edition’s Jim Moret visited a distribution center in Los Angeles where they’re trying to get goods from the port to customers.

Why are ships unable to unload?

It’s a lack of capacity to unload the container ships, a lack of available equipment to put the containers on for transport to their final destination, a lack of capacity in transportation inland (trucking), and a lack of capacity at the warehouses to turn the containers around quickly in order to keep the equipment circulating throughout the system.

How many ships are waiting in La?

A record 62 cargo ships are waiting to dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and are stuck floating off the coast amid a serious supply chain crunch.

Why can't ships get unloaded?

The crux of the problem is that the ports have a labor shortage. There simply aren’t enough trained workers to unload the ships in a timely manner. Plus, once a ship is unloaded, there usually aren’t enough available trucks and drivers to haul it away.

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