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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name mangers mean?

Manager (noun) one who manages; a conductor or director; as, the manager of a theater. Manager (noun) a person who conducts business or household affairs with economy and frugality; a good economist. Manager (noun) a contriver; an intriguer.

Is Manger a regular French verb?

Manger is a regular French -er verb, but it is also a spelling-change verb. This means that it takes all the regular -er endings, but a small spelling change is made to the stem for consistency of pronunciation.

What does Manger mean?

Manger(noun) a trough or open box in which fodder is placed for horses or cattle to eat. Manger(noun) the fore part of the deck, having a bulkhead athwart ships high enough to prevent water which enters the hawse holes from running over it.

What is the plural of Manger?

The plural form of manager is managers.

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