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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say manager in French?

How to say manager in French. manager. French Translation. #N#directeur. More French words for manager. le directeur noun. #N#. director, executive, principal, master, superintendent. le gérant noun.

What is another word for the word manager?

Synonyms of manager. a person who manages or directs something. we wanted an exemption from the policy regarding refunds, but the store manager refused. Synonyms for manager. administrant, administrator, archon, director, exec,

What is the n-count of manager?

2 n-count The manager of a pop star or other entertainer is the person who looks after their business interests. 3 n-count The manager of a sports team is the person responsible for training the players and organizing the way they play. In American English, manager is only used for baseball; in other sports, coach is used instead.

What is a bank manager called?

bank manager ( bank managers plural ) A bank manager is someone who is in charge of a bank, or a particular branch of a bank, and who is involved in making decisions about whether or not to lend money to businesses and individuals. (BUSINESS) n-count This may have influenced your bank manager's decision not to give you a loan.

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