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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a restaurant manager?

Restaurant managers are responsible for every aspect of the hiring process for all of their employees including interviewing, hiring and training. When they're not attending to personnel needs, they're also responsible for food service and administrative duties.

What is the job description of a restaurant manager?

Restaurant Manager Job Description. Restaurant managers are responsible for managing all of a restaurant’s daily operations. Their responsibilities include opening and closing the restaurant, hiring and training employees, scheduling staff, ensuring that customers are happy, and preparing payroll.

What does a restaurant manager actually do?

Duties of a Restaurant Manager Hiring and Firing. A restaurant manager may be in charge of hiring new staff and terminating underperformers, especially for the front of house. Ordering Inventory. Ordering inventory is another major component of the restaurant manager's job. ... Staff Scheduling. ... Event Planning. ... Customer Service. ... Marketing and Advertising. ... Bookkeeping. ... Salary Expectations. ...

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