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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ejections included in manager ejections?

Statistic Description: Manager Ejections Only includes ejections as manager. Excludes ejections as a player or as a coach. Note that seasons prior to 1876 are not included in single-season marks, but are included in career marks. Rankings of Negro League players should consider that Negro League data is not complete.

Who was the first manager to get ejected from World Series?

It’s the first manager to get ejected from the World Series since Bobby Cox did it, because of course Bobby Cox did it. During the 7th inning stretch, Nationals Manager Dave Martinez was visibly upset with the umpires and was ejected during the exchange.

Who is the most ejected player in the history of baseball?

Table Rank Player (yrs, age) Manager Ejections 1. Bobby Cox+ (29) 162 2. John McGraw+ (33) 121 3. Leo Durocher+ (24) 100 4. Earl Weaver+ (17) 96 78 more rows ...

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