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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rightright networks file manager?

Right Networks File Manager. The Right Networks File Manager makes it easy to access your hosted data from any computer or mobile device using your favorite web browser. Use File Manager to view, upload, or download files and folders without having to log on to your hosted desktop.

How do I add a user to right networks?

You can add as many users as you would like to Right Networks but only users with a package can access the Right Networks environment. To add a user to your organization, please follow the steps outlined below. 1. Sign in to My Account. Note: Your user must have the Account Admin or Account Owner privileges. 2. Click on the tab labeled “Users”. 3.

Why choose rightright networks?

Right Networks provides a broad set of attractively priced productivity tools for firms and small businesses including Transaction Pro accounting automation for QuickBooks, Microsoft 365, Foxit PDF tools and QuickBooks software licenses. Firms thrive when they provide strategic guidance to their clients.

How do I schedule a free consult with right networks?

Call us at 888-210-0237 or click here to schedule a free consult. Right Networks gets all your critical accounting and business applications into the cloud so you and your team can be more productive, collaborate more effectively, and scale with ease.

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