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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the jumper T-Lite?

Our Jumper T-Lite review covers unboxing, controls, compatibility, user experience, and rivals. In addition to the cool gamepad style design, T-Lite’s beauty is that it runs OpenTX firmware, which is the most popular operating system for radios. T-Lite is the smallest and lightest remote controller of Jumper-RC.

What is the file size of the T-Lite manual?

Become a Dealer About Us T-LITE Home Download T-LITE MANUAL FIRMWARE SD CONTENTS MANUAL Details File Size Download UpdateTime :2021-6-1 Version :1.0 481KB Download FIRMWARE Details File Size Download UpdateTime : 2021-01-14  Version : 2.3.11 Menu language : English 285KB Download SD CONTENTS Details File Size Download UpdateTime : 2021-01-14

What are the different parts of the T-Lite?

On the top of the transmitter, there are 4 shoulder switches, a 3.5mm trainer port, USB Type-C charging/data port, micro SD slot, SMA antenna connector, and two FPV monitor mounting holes. When you connect the T-Lite to your computer via USB will ask you whether you choose HID Joystick mode (for drone simulators) or Storage mode (card reader).

Can I charge the jumper T-Lite with an 18650 battery?

Jumper T-Lite pro is coming soon! WARNING: Please DO NOT insert the 18650 battery in the opposite direction, AND THEN charge the battery via the radio. Otherwise the motherboard will be destroyed and the charging chip will be burned!!!

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