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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my computer is recognizing a MakerBot printer?

In Windows, you can check if the computer is recognizing a MakerBot Printer in two ways. The first is to see if it is showing up under Devices and Printers from the Control Panel. The second is to check what devices are connected Via USB under Device Manager. This can also be accessed from the Windows Control Panel.

Why can't I use MakerBot print with the Replicator Mini?

Because the Replicator Mini is a legacy device, it is no longer supported by the current release of MakerBot Print. We reccommend using MakerBot Print 4.3, a version that we have made available with Legacy Printer Support. You can find the version here at the bottom of the page under the header "Legacy Printer Support".

How do I Reset my printer in MakerBot print?

- Find your printer in the Printers A-Z List in MakerBot Print, Right Click or Ctrl+Click and select "Forget This Printer" -Close MakerBot Print and restart your computer.

Why can’t I connect my MakerBot to my computer?

If there are no other Instances of MakerBot software installed on the computer, there could be a hardware-related issue impeding your ability to connect. Try connecting your USB Cable to a different port on your computer. If possible, try a different computer, if available, to verify.

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