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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of MakerBot 3D printing software?

New updates have been rolling out on a regular basis for the company’s MakerBot Desktop software, and today they released the latest iteration of their desktop 3D printing software in the form of MakerBot Desktop 3.7. The company says the enhancements bring faster 3D printing, improved profiles, and the requisite array of code tweaks and bug fixes.

What is the custom profile editor in MakerBot desktop?

That’s where the new Custom Profile Editor in MakerBot Desktop 3.7 comes into play. It allows you to edit properties of your print like infill and extruder speed, settings which can be saved as a template for future projects.

How do I connect to my MakerBot Replicator via Wi-Fi?

To help users protect home or business Wi-Fi networks, users can now connect to their MakerBot Replicator by simply entering the network name and password directly into MakerBot Desktop 3.7.

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