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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MakerBot’s flexible filament work?

MakerBot’s Flexible Filament becomes flexible when it is put in hot water. It can then be reshaped or molded into a tight-fitting spot before it cools and becomes rigid again. Flexible filaments work well for producing wearable prints, flexible joints, phone covers, and toys.

How to use the SLA 3D printing workflow?

The SLA 3D Printing Workflow 1 Design#N#Use any CAD software or 3D scan data to design your model, and export it in a 3D printable file format (STL or... 2 Print#N#After a quick confirmation of the correct setup, the printing process begins and the machine can run unattended... 3 Post-Process More ...

Where is the MakerBot Career Center located?

AUTHORIZED SERVICE PARTNERS MakerBot Careers © 2009–2021 MakerBot Industries, LLC One MetroTech Center, 21st Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

What is an SLA printer?

SLA printers are considered the gold standard for smooth surface finish, with appearances comparable to traditional manufacturing methods like machining, injection molding, and extrusion.

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