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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MakerBot support?

MakerBot Support offers comprehensive MakerCare coverage plans and responsive expertise from those who know high quality MakerBot products best. Our support site also offers both intelligent troubleshooting and in-depth product information for manufacturing.

What is makermakerbot 3D printing?

MakerBot was early to the desktop 3D printing world, providing a product supported by an open source community and designed for enthusiasts and hobbyists. It did all its manufacturing in New York City, and had a strong and involved fan base.

What is the MakerBot Replicator+?

The Replicator+ is essentially the MakerBot refined. It is an instant-on machine with zero learning curve and the software and Thingiverse model collection means that you’ll always have stuff to print. The Replicator+ is a serious piece of 3D printing kit.

What happened to MakerBot?

In 2013, MakerBot was bought by Stratasys, a major 3D printing company that serves industrial and large-scale manufacturing customers. MakerBot remained a separate subsidiary and continued the MakerBot brand -- but not the MakerBot open source philosophy.

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