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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the print speed of the MakerBot?

Max Material Flow Rate: ~50 mm3 per sec. Print Head Travel Speed : Up to 500 mm per sec . Print Modes tuned and optimized for: 100 microns - High Quality Print Mode (Coming Soon) 200 microns - Balanced Print Mode. Maximum Build Volume. 19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in single extrusion ( print settings coming soon)

How many printers did MakerBot sell?

The deal provided that MakerBot would operate as a distinct brand and subsidiary of Stratasys, serving the consumer and desktop market segments. When acquired, Makerbot had sold 22,000 printers.

What is MakerBot desktop?

Overall, the MakerBot Desktop is a complete, free 3D printing solution for discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints. It allows you to stay organized, control your prints, and connect through WiFi, Ethernet, or USB.

What is printing software?

Print management software is software designed to coordinate and optimize tasks and processes related to printing. A good print manager should allow you automate printing of files, facilitate print jobs, track printer and/or paper usage, take full control of printing processes and, ideally, cut overall costs.

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