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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maker’s Mark A Good Bourbon?

While it’s easy to dismiss Makers Mark for many bourbon aficionados, it’s still quality and smooth-tasting bourbon. Maker’s Mark is more robust and bolder than many of its competitors, which is why it remains as one of the bourbons people prefer.

What makes a maker’s mark bottle different?

One of the most recognizable trademarks on the Maker’s Mark bottles is its dripping red wax. For those that aren’t familiar with the bourbon, every single bottle is hand-dipped in red wax. While the bourbon inside the bottle remains the same, you can find many different wax colors, including green, white, and blue.

What is Maker’s Mark?

Maker’s Mark is a soft and smooth bourbon that makes drinking easy. They have amassed quite the following of daily drinkers and fans from around the globe. It makes a fine Manhattan with a cherry. Go light with the bitters. It's also a great choice with an Old Fashioned, particularly if you have dark purple Bing cherries to muddle.

Is Maker’s mark the same as Knob Creek?

However, both a bottle of Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek are considered Kentucky Bourbons, since that is where they are both made. There are three distinct types of bourbons on the market. They are: With traditional bourbons, the grain component must use a mash which is more than 70% corn.

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