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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Makers Mark whiskey or Bourbon?

Maker's Mark® bourbon whiskey. Maker's Mark Bourbon is a strong, kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, possessing flavors of vanilla and nut. It is one of the original premium bourbons; distilled since 1953, it is produced in small batches (less than 19 barrels at a time), and is what you call a "wheated" bourbon.

What is maker's Mark's Mark?

What is Maker's Mark Whiskey Maker's Mark is a brand of American bourbon whiskey with 45% ABV (alcohol content), and 90 US proof, typically sealed with red wax. A common choice of alcohol lovers since 1954, this popular drink is absolutely gluten-free. Top 10 Maker's Mark Whiskey Drinks with Recipes

What are makers marks?

maker's mark. noun. : the hallmark on a piece of English gold, silver, or plate denoting the person or firm responsible for its production.

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