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Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnetic chalkboard paint?

Magnetic chalkboard paint is paint that turns your walls into both a chalkboard and magnetic surface. The painted area can be drawn upon with chalk and decorated with magnets without damaging the surface of the wall. It's often used in children's bedrooms or game rooms/ play rooms where kids can put it...

What color is magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint primer only comes in dark colors (black and gray), but covering it with more than two coats of regular paint significantly degrades its magnetism. You may not be happy with how your primed wall looks under only two coats of a light color. In general, medium to dark colors look much better.

Is there a magnetic paint?

Rustoleum is the most popular magnetic paint that we found on the market. It’s an oil-based magnetic paint. A can of Rustoleum magnetic paint comes with 30 fl Oz which is almost a quart. With that amount of content, it can cover an area of 16 feet square.

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