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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use MileagePlus X miles?

Download the MileagePlus X app to use miles for purchases at your favorite stores, restaurants and online retailers. Use your miles to purchase eGift cards from over 270 merchants.

How do I redeem my miles for magazines?

Choose your program Magazines for Miles, commonly referred to as MagsforMiles, is a program run by CAP Systems, a division of Synapse Group, Inc. Magazines for Miles invites frequent flyer members to redeem their unused, orphan, or expiring miles for popular magazines, no cash cost or credit card charge is required.

How do I view my MileagePlus account activity?

Go to MileagePlus Account Summary to view your account activity. To learn more about the mileage expiration policy, please go to MileagePlus program rules. Please note that award miles earned may take up to eight weeks to be credited to your account.

How can I use my miles for travel?

Use miles. The best part about earning miles is using them for the things you love. Whether it's for your next getaway or everyday life, you get to decide where your miles will take you. Use miles on flights with United and other airline partners. Book award travel.

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