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Frequently Asked Questions

What are magazine beads?

Magazine beads are a popular craft amongst children and teens…but in fact they originated in Africa, where people make them for a living. So just because children make them in the “Western World”, don’t “knock them” until you have had a go. They are fun. Easy. Frugal. Colourful and above all provide a bit of much needed upcycling.

How do you make a magazine into a necklace?

We used one of the smaller format magazines and cut across the page. But try out different sizes and see what bead dimension you like. 2. Using you straw or a toothpick, wrap the tick end of the magazine around a couple of times, then start adding pva glue to stick it all down nicely.

Where can I find free resources for beading?

The Interweave team has developed an amazing variety of free resources for those who love all things bead — from the best bead-making guides to in-depth tutorials on how to take your upcoming beading project to the next level with unique bead stitches.

What is step by step beads?

Step by Step Beads is a quarterly bead magazine loaded with bead patterns for lovers of beads and bead jewelry. Projects have skill level indicated, and you know anything published by Lapidary Journal will be thorough and excellently illustrated.

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