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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on sale at Macy's?

As we mentioned earlier, you can find just about everything on sale at Macy’s for Black Friday. There’s sweaters, jeans and dresses available for everyone from infants to men and women. You can find stylish home goods and holiday décor. There are also plenty of great gifts that range from toys to beauty gift sets.

Does Macy's sell clothes?

Macy's and second-hand apparel site ThredUp are piloting sales of used clothing in 40 Macy's stores nationwide, Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette announced to analysts Wednesday morning.

When is Macy's one day sale?

Typically, the Macys One Day Sale happens on the third weekend of the month. The actual One Day Sale takes place on a Saturday and the "Preview Day" is on Friday. In actuality, there is no difference between the Preview Day and One Day Sale.

What is Macy's special event account?

The special event account is for large purchases such as furnature or mattresses. I used it a couple years ago when Macy's did their annual mattress sale. Much nicer then tying up your revolving accounf with a major purchase. They also refer to it as the former MPA - Major Purchase Account. This is for all the large purchase goodies.

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