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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an LPN become a RN?

An LPN can become an RN by completing an LPN to RN Bridge Program. Many schools offer them and some are available online, however they will require completion of hands on clinicals.

How to become an LPN or LVN?

Steps to obtaining your certification: You must have already earned your high school diploma before you can apply for an LPN program. Most vocational and community colleges offer LPN programs. ... Once you have successfully completed the certification program, you will need to apply for Authorization to Test through your local board of nursing and with the National Council of State ... More items...

Is LPN school easier than RN?

LPN programs are no easier than RN programs, but the focus and content is simply different. Imagine having a boatload of information crammed down your throat in 12 months, rather than having 2 to 4 years to soak it in. Not necessarily easier, but shorter and to the point.

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