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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs can I get as an LPN?

LPN jobs can be found in many locations, including hospitals, residential facilities, doctor’s offices, and private homes. An LPN may also work in a primary care clinic or act as a community educator. Still others work for government agencies as public health nurses.

What other jobs can an LPN apply for?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide basic direct patient care under the supervision of registered nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. A LPN job description often includes a variety of tasks to provide assistance for injured, ill, disabled, and other patients throughout a range of different healthcare environments.

What is the starting pay for an LPN?

What is the Starting Salary of an LPN? The starting salary of an LPN is $35,490, which is approximately $10,000 below the average of experienced LPNs. Usually, within the first five years, an LPN’s salary increases depending upon experience and location where the LPN is practicing. What is the Average Salary of an LPN as per Latest BLS Data?

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