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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lostlost pause?

Lost Pause is a channel about playing video games and Noble being a big dummy. So if you enjoy a good laugh, one to two video updates a day, an awesome community full of awesome people, then lose that pause button and subscribe, you lovable son of a gun. For anything business related, please use the email below.

What is the lost pause Army?

Lost Pause is a YouTube Channel that uploads video game videos, particularly visual novels. Lost Pause has two to three video uploads daily. Subscribers are known as "The Lost Pause Army" or, more recently, "The Panterbell Army". CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE 1 MILLION SUBS.

What happened to the lost pause channel?

On March 3rd, 2016, the Lost Pause channel was terminated due to a Community Guidelines strike. On March 7th 2016, the channel was reinstated, but a 2-week upload ban still remained.

What is lost pause's real name?

Jonathon Gibbs, better known online as Lost Pause (born: March 29, 1988 [age 33]) or Noble, is an American YouTuber mostly know for his Let's Plays of anime-themed Visual Novels.

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