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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lenore die in the Lost Lenore?

The Lost Lenore's mode of death can vary but popular choices include: The Incurable Cough of Death or other related terminal illnesses . Death by Childbirth . Stuffed into the Fridge . Heroic Sacrifice . Lenores can also become lost through suicide, Innocent Bystander Syndrome, a tragic accident, or Random Act of God.

Who is the Lost Lenore in the Raven?

The Lost Lenore, AKA The Dead Love Interest—not parent, not sibling, not offspring, love interest. One of The Oldest Ones in the Book, named for the famous deceased in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

Does Lenore come back to life?

Occasionally, due usually to a dramatic twist Lenore turns out not to be dead after all, or dead for reasons by means other than previously believed. The Lost Lenore can sometimes be brought back to life through an act of Time Travel or by magic but her death must be treated as a real event within the story.

What happened to Lenore in Beetlejuice?

Poe himself arrives at Beetlejuice's house wailing about the fact that he's lost his precious Lenore. Subverted in that the lady isn't actually lost; Poe just went to the wrong place to meet her. She turns up perfectly fine near the end of the episode, annoyed but still happy to see him.

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