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Frequently Asked Questions

What is loglogo sportswear?

Logo Sportswear is an online custom apparel store that offers its users with a selection of customizable apparel and decoration options. It provides a variety of products for men and women such as t-shirts, jackets, sweats, polos, caps, workwear, team jerseys, bags, and gifts.

Is logosportswear com a good business?

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LOGOSPORTSWEAR.COM AKA LOGO SPORTSWEAR AKA TEAMSPIRITWEAR.COM AKA TEAMSPORTSWEAR AKA LOGOSOFTWARE.COM THIS BUSINESS IS A RIPOFF and will completly misrepresent the product to you. I recently placed an order with them which totalled approximately $1000.00. I ordered embroidered shirts, jackets and caps.

How do I check the status of my order?

Check The Status Of Your Order. Search by Phone Number. Enter your 10 digit phone number without spaces and then click Search. Phone: (10 digit # eg. 3304778676) By Last Name and Zip Code.

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