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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logopedia?

WELCOME TO LOGOPEDIA! Logopedia is a collaborative database for logos and branding. It includes the history of company logos, popular branding and more. Contribute to this wiki!

What happened to G4 TV?

With G4 slowly winding down operations, syndication rights to shows such as Cops, Heroes, and Lost ended at the end of August with the new television season, leaving G4 to only air repeats of their original series beginning on September 1, 2014. G4 shut down all operations on December 31, with its Canadian version shutting down in September 2017.

What happened to style on G4?

However, on September 9 the same year, news broke that NBCUniversal would instead replace Style with Esquire Network, leaving G4 "as is for the foreseeable future, though it's highly unlikely the company will invest in more original programming" .

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