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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logopedia?

WELCOME TO LOGOPEDIA! Logopedia is a collaborative database for logos and branding. It includes the history of company logos, popular branding and more. Contribute to this wiki!

Is the e logo still in use?

Although this is no longer the official logo from 2012, this logo is still in use for many of E!'s international networks.

When does Adele's new logo come out?

English singer and songwriter Adele launches a new logo ahead of her forthcoming fourth studio album "30", slated to be released on November 19. French insurance company Aviva France becomes Abeille Assurances following its takeover by Aéma Groupe.

What is the player one number for E3 1995?

Player One. No. 54. Média Système Édition. June 1995. pp. 43–69. ^ "Special - E3-Los Angeles - Welcome To The Next Level!". Sega Magazin.

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