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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBC logo?

This logo was used at the beginning of color programming aired on CBC Television. Their symbol was the CBC Butterfly, which was the CBC's answer to the NBC Peacock. Alternate logo, used only for promos and print advertisements.

When did CBC start using the smiley face logo?

This is use from 1974-1985, 1986-1992. Alternative recolor red version, This logo used for CBC/Radio-Canada in 1992. Smile gem version, This logo used for Kids' CBC from 2003-2017.

What was the first CBBC logo?

CBBC launched on 9 September 1985. The first logo used consisted of the word "Children's" above a sprawled version of the BBC text used on air. This logo was created using a BBC Microcomputer. 1991–1997

What happened to the CBS News logo?

In 2020, this logo was discontinued for a rebranding, but CBS Television Distribution kept on using this logo until it became CBS Media Ventures. CBS News 's and CBSN 's Didot logos are also still being used on their website, despite their logos being changed until the end of March 2021.

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