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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lock a folder in Google Photos?

The easiest and the most convenient way of adding items to a Locked folder is through the Google Photos app itself. To move photos to the Locked Folder, open the Google Photos app and navigate to the items you want to lock. Once you locate the items to lock, tap and hold on any one of them to select it.

What is the difference between archived and locked folders in Google Photos?

The main one is that archived snaps or videos in Google Photos will still appear when you search in Google Photos, whereas the Locked Folder keeps them hidden beneath your phone's screen lock. Once you've saved something in the Locked Folder, it won't appear in the Google Photos grid, memories, search or albums.

What happens when you lock a photo or video on Google?

Once you've moved a photo or video to the Locked Folder, they'll be automatically removed from your existing memories or photo print orders. Google says that they also won't be shown on Google smart displays like the Google Nest Hub, although it's not yet clear what the situation is with third-party displays.

What is the new locked Folder feature in photos?

Google Photos has been given a new Locked Folder feature, which was very in keeping with the strong privacy theme of the Google IO 2021 developer conference.

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