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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tropical Storm Henri right now?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Tropical Storm Henri has made a loop around the Tri-State area, with the storm's center Monday morning sitting about 60 miles north northwest of New York City, in Orange County, after just missing Long Island and then trudging through Rhode Island and Connecticut on its water-logged path.

What is the official forecast track for Hurricane Henri?

The official forecast track is similar to the dynamical model consensus, TVCN. Although Henri's winds are weakening, the cyclone will still continue to be a prolific rain producer, resulting in significant flooding across southern New England and portions of the northern mid-Atlantic states for the next day or two.

What time did Hurricane Henri make landfall?

Henri made landfall at 12.15pm ET in Rhode Island on Sunday — and the storm's strong winds left tens of thousands of homes without power and flooding was seen along the coast, from New Jersey up to Massachusetts, AP News reports.

Is Hurricane Henri going to hit Block Island?

The National Hurricane Center said the center of Henri is passing close to Block Island as it continues to head for southern New England. A dangerous storm surge, strong wind and flooding rain are expected. NEW 11 AM track is farther west into western MA this evening...

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