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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find live radar for Henri?

This first live radar, embedded below, is from This radar is one of the most helpful for tracking the location of Henri live. You can press the + button on the right side of the map to zoom in more closely. You can also move the map ahead in time to see where the storm is forecast to be headed.

How can I track Hurricane Henri?

Read on to see live radar and maps of the storms. Live radar and maps can help you keep track of Henri’s current location and where the storm is moving. The storm is expected to strengthen over the next couple of days and make landfall in the New England region. This first live radar, embedded below, is from

Where can I find updates on Tropical Storm Henri?

A discussion on Reddit’s tropical storm subreddit is also providing updates on Henri, including a variety of projection maps and paths. CIRA is providing an enhanced infrared imagery map that it is updating here. You can see all of CIRA’s maps and models here.

Will Tropical Storm Henri be a hurricane in New England?

Watch a live storm tracker of Tropical Storm Henri as it makes its way toward New York City and southern New England. Henri is forecast to be a hurricane as it approaches New England, which would be the first hurricane that region has seen since 1991. Watch the live storm tracker in the embedded video below (click here if you’re on mobile):

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