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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of drinking Listerine?

Finally, drinking mouthwash may be dangerous in the same ways that drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages is dangerous. Large amounts of mouthwash can produce intoxication and may lead to any number of consequences such as arrest, injury, or death from drunk driving, liability for the injury or death of another.

What are the side effects of drinking Listerine?

Like drinking too much alcohol, having too much Listerine in the body produces toxic effects ranging from abdominal discomfort and pain to severe problems such as coma and loss of movement. Excess Listerine consumption may also affect the eyes by burning or damaging corneas.

Why and when Listerine can harm your mouth?

When the active ingredients in Listerine like ethanol come into contact with your gum tissues, you are likely to feel a burning sensation. If used regularly or excessively, ethanol can cause damage to your mouth cells or trigger oral sores over the passage of time.

Is Listerine bad for You?

In brief: Not likely. When used as directed listerine is very safe and good at helping reduce gingivitis. It does have alcohol (burn) which can irritate the gums if held in the mouth too long. If you have dry mouth, listerine could also make you even drier.

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