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Frequently Asked Questions

What brands are included in the Listeria recall?

UPDATED June 2, 2021 Five companies have issued recalls for enoki mushrooms that may be contaminated with Listeria. The recalled mushrooms were sold under the brand names Guan's, Concord Farms, Conah, Rainfield Marketing Group, and Sun Hong Foods.

When should you see a doctor about Listeria?

It's important to note that while symptoms usually show up within 24 hours, they may take up to two months to emerge. (1) If you think you may have eaten a contaminated food, you should see your doctor if and when you do experience nausea, diarrhea , a fever, or anything other signs of a listeria infection.

Will you get listeria from the recalled vegetables?

So far, there have been no reported cases of anyone becoming sick with Listeria from Country Fresh's recalled vegetables, Country Fresh said in a statement.

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