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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i Improve my English listening skills?

The 5 best ways to improve your English listening skill (in order!) Live and work in a completely English-speaking environment. Do some kind of sports, hobbies, or other activities with a group of English speakers. Talk one-on-one with an English-speaking tutor a few times a week. Watch movies, TV shows, and videos in English...

How can i Improve my listening skills?

Quick Answer. Improve active listening skills by paying close attention to the speaker, showing that you’re listening, providing feedback and deferring judgement. Active listening can improve personal relationships and performance at work or in school.

Does listening to music improve test scores?

The tests have shown how classical music can help improve test scores and help people study better. People should give classical music a chance even though it seems old-fashioned, there is no harm done trying to listen and study with classical music. As long as it helps them keep focus, that is the most important thing.

How is the IELTS listening test conducted?

IELTS - Listening. The IELTS Listening test is conducted by playing out recordings of conversations and monologues and asking candidates to answer forty questions based on these. It extends for a total of 30 minutes and has four recorded monologues and conversations.

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