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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the federal holidays in order?

What are all the federal holidays? New Year's Day - January 1st. Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Third Monday of January. Washington's Birthday - Third Monday of February. Memorial Day - Last Monday of May. Independence Day - July 4th. Labor day - First Monday of September. Columbus Day - ...

What are the two federal holidays in January?

There are two federal holidays in January: New Year's Day (January 1st) Washington's Birthday (Third Monday of January) What federal holidays are in April?

How many holidays are there in a year in India?

Central Government Organisations which include industrial, commercial and trading establishments would observe upto 16 holidays in a year including three national holidays viz. Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, as compulsory holidays.

What is the best way to print the holidays list?

The PDF format works best for those who like to print the holidays, while the MS Word and Excel holidays list can be easily modified or customized with notes, size or color changes. Download or print list of holidays now. Need a calendar for United States?

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