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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Z Day holidays in Israel?

Z. Z Day - January 1; Zamenhof Day - December 15; Zero Discrimination Day - March 1; Zero Tasking Day - November 1, 2020 (First Sunday in November) Zionism Day - December 16; Zip Code Day - July 1; Zipper Day - April 29; Zoo and Aquarium Month - Entire Month of June; Zoo Lovers Day - April 8; Search for Holidays Alphabetically:

What are the different types of holidays?

Lists of holidays by various categorizations. Advent (Preparation for the commemoration of Jesus' Birth. Start of the Christmas Season) Lent (Preparation for the commemoration of Jesus' Death and Resurrection. Start of the Easter Season) The 7th Day Sabbath (Every Saturday of the year.

What are the consecutive holidays?

Consecutive holidays Beginning in 2000, Spring Festival, and National Day are week-long holidays in the mainland territory of the People's Republic of China, known as Golden Weeks. In Colombia, in the holy week there are consecutive holidays Jueves Santo (Holy Thursday) and Viernes Santo (Holy Friday) with variable dates in March or April.

What are the holidays in the northern hemisphere?

Western winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. New Year's Eve (31 December) – Night before New Year's Day. Usually observed with celebrations and festivities in anticipation of the new year. New Year's Day (1 January) – Holiday observing the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

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