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Frequently Asked Questions

How to help your child manage their emotions?

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions Talk about Emotions Whenever possible, name the emotion you see your child is likely experiencing. ... Walk the Talk about Emotions If we want children to learn to manage their emotions, then we sure better start with managing our own emotions and being authentic in ... Whenever possible, connect misbehavior to feelings.

How to help kids learn to control their emotions?

Strategies for helping children process and control their emotions Identifying emotions. When turning 5 years old, children should identify whether they're sad or mad. ... Clarify expectations. Avoid surprises that could set off an angry response. ... Make a decision. ... Self-control. ... Develop empathy. ... Encourage and praise. ... Actions and consequences. ... Be an example. ... Practice together. ... Speak calmly. ... More items...

Should you talk to your child about emotions?

The best time to talk to your child about emotions is when you are both calm, relaxed and attentive . 3) Relate discussions about emotions to your child: Talking to your kids about emotions is great. Relating those emotions to specific situations affecting your child is even better.

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