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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IMF and what does it do?

The IMF is mandated to oversee the international monetary and financial system and monitor the economic and financial policies of its member countries. This activity is known as surveillance and facilitates international co-operation.

Where does the IMF get its money?

IMF gets most of its money from its member countries, primarily through their payment quotas. Each member country of the IMF is assigned a quota, based broadly on its economy size. Upon joining the IMF, the member countries pay 1/4 of its quota in widely accepted foreign currencies and 3/4 of its quota in its own national currency.

What are the characteristics of developing countries?

Characteristics of developing economies. Developing nations are those with low, lower middle or upper middle incomes. Common characteristics of developing countries are low levels of living characterized by low income, inequality, poor health and inadequate education.

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