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Frequently Asked Questions

What are internal links and external links?

An external link is a link that points at an external domain. Top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power. External links pass link equity (ranking power) differently than internal links because the search engines consider them as third-party votes.

What are the types of links?

There are three types of links that can be used in a web page: relative, and site root relative, and absolute. Which one is correct to use depends on the location of the page to which it links. A relative link points to a location that is relative to the current page.

How do you link links?

1 Go to the webpage to which you want to link. In order to find the link for a website's specific page, you must go to the page first. 2. Select the webpage's address. Tap or click the webpage's address at the top of the web browser. 3. Copy the address. To do so: Mobile - Tap Copy when prompted. 4. Find a place to post the link.

What are related links?

A Related Link is a pre-selected search term displayed on a parking page that links to a new set of relevant ads. Clicks on Related Links do not generate revenue. However, if a visitor clicks on one of the newly generated ads, revenue is generated and will be credited to your Sedo account.

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