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Frequently Asked Questions

What is licensure mean?

Licensure means a restricted practice requiring a license, which gives a "permission to practice.". Such licenses are usually issued in order to regulate some activity that is deemed to be dangerous or a threat to the person or the public or which involves a high level of specialized skill.

How do you spell licensure?

The Correct spelling is: licence. Common misspellings of the word licence are: liscence. lisence. lisense. licence in french.

Why is licensure important?

Why Licensing Is Important. Architects are successfully addressing issues of sustainability and, increasingly, helping mitigate the public health crisis that diminishes the vitality of citizens in too many neighborhoods. To be sure, dedicated teams of licensed and unlicensed individuals make positive contributions to the built environment.

What are the licensure fees?

Key Takeaways A licensing fee is a money paid for a right or ability to use a property or asset. ... Other types of fees include those required for certain professions, such as cosmetologists. License fees are generally a fixed amount, while royalties are usage-based payments for using an asset or property.

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